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14th Feb 2014



All members are to honor and listen to their superiors... They are of higher rank for a reason and demand respect... This is a removal offense...


All members are to maintain a respectful attitude towards all fellow members of the clan. Any members who cant abide by this will receive a warning and/or demotion and any further offensise will result in removal...


Disrespect of the clan in any shape, form, or fashion will result in removal...


We are not here to instegate arguments during game-play... This steals our attention from the game and limits players abilities to call out and communicate...


All members are required to participate during clan wars... This is not a swet shop, we do not ask you to give us your lives. We do however require some participation, at least 4 hrs worth of game-play during the week of clan wars on beneficial game types with clan mates... Failure to show for two wars back to back will result in removal. Repeatitive absantees from wars will result in removal...
All members must play 8hrs per week if not they will be removed....


ALL members are to sign up for this site immediatly any member who refuses is immediatly removed non-negotable... This site is here to help us and if its an issue to join this site it shows a lack of dedication to the game and the clan...

All new members have to play in clan wars no matter what if your online your playing

All members with the ability to download the call of duty ghost app must

We do not hack in any shape form or fashion... Now we understand that members may have popped into a moded lobby we can make exceptions for this but we will be monitoring you...

We do not rage quit... We stick out our matches win or loose... We need members we can count on to be there and finish a match... We understand ever member has a real life and sometimes things happens but if its a continued problem you will be removed...

We would like to see all members have a KDR of at least 1.0, we understand this may be difficult for some to reach but that is why we are here: to learn, grow, and dominate...

Forum » Forums » Important Documents Locked
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